In Memoriam
Missing Classmates

The Nostalgic Forward

July 2005

Dear Classmates,

I'm sorry I didn't get this newsletter off in June as I had hoped. . . but you understand, of course, how age slows one down <smile>. We're doing fine at our house. A new grandson joined our family in January, and we're enjoying him and our two year old grand daughter immensely. This summer I traveled to Venice, Italy and then to London with a friend. Unfortunately, we were in London, and headed down into the Gloucester Road Underground on July 7th when the bombs went off. That was one of the scariest things I have ever been through.

We've heard from a few people who we had not been able to find for our 65th birthday party. Hopefully, they will attend the big 7 0 party in a couple of years. These include: Ronnie Benjamin who moved from New Jersey to Wilmington, SC and is still practicing part time in a dermatology clinic. Lowell Kaufman found us by surfing the net. He said he's been living in the Los Angeles area for 30+ years. You can read his note on our comment page at the website. Someone ran into Sandy Decktor Deitch a few months ago when she was visiting Carnegie Museum. She now lives in Santa Fe, NM.

Judy Gross Sommerstein writes that she enjoys going back to our web page from time to time and enjoys the memories it brings back to her. She is currently in the first Jewish Chaplaincy class in the country for lay chaplains at a rabbinical college in Los Angeles...This is her third career; the first two were as a career counselor and as a college teacher.

Baillee Kleckner Serbin writes from Mill Valley, CA that "My memory of Allderdice is that it was a very powerful, invigorating, intellectual experience, the best school in Pittsburgh, PA". She has three sons who live in the Pittsburgh area and attended Allderdice. In fact, one of her sons lives in her old home in Sq. Hill. She's a proud grandma of 7 beautiful children.

Marshall Ostrow e-mailed to let us know that on June 27 he and his family, immediate and extended, went on a Caribbean cruise...they took both of their children and all six grandchildren. Also included were six nephews and nieces, two grand nieces and two grand nephews and several all, 24 people went... Sounds wonderful... I'd like to see that happen in our family, too. Marshall, a tropical fish hobbiest for 58 years, has also been appointed executive editor of the "American Journrican Killifish Association", a periodical hobby publication that is distributed to the 1,500 world wide members of the association.

In other news, Janet Hecht Gabor writes that after living in a house for all of her married life, they've given up the house bit and are moving into a condo in the St. Paul, MN area where they can leave the gardening and snow shoveling to others... they have the right idea.

Murray Chass, who was recently inducted into the baseball hall of fame is recovering nicely from serious surgery he had last year, and John Spear is recovering from emergency kidney surgery he needed in May. Spike Zimmerman is working to regain his health after a successful heart transplant. We wish all of them well.

With sadness we report that PeeWee Solomon died suddenly of a heart attack in May, and Luise Marder Wikes also passed away this winter.

The reunion committee is still active, and soon we'll be planning our 70th birthday party (boy, time flies). Please keep in touch with us either through me or through the comment page on our website. We always enjoy hearing from you.

Esther Latterman Schwartz