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September Newsletter

How time flies. It seems that we just began working to plan a reunion, and now it's only 6 weeks away, and the invitations have been received. If, for any reason, you have not received your invitation, please notify Bette Nadel Balk or Esther Latterman Schwartz immediately, and they will see that you receive an invite asap.
Check the ATTENDING PAGE on the website for those coming...the list grows daily.

Carole Kochin Walsh urges you to make an immediate reservation if you plan to stay at Hampton Inn. Rooms are limited and are available on a first-come-first-served basis because of other activities in the Oakland area that weekend. Carole and Harriet Schillet Wadia Will be hosting a get-together Saturday afternoon in the hotel lobby.

Please note that we have mini-events planned for Friday evening. Everyone is welcome at both homes: Mineo's Pizza and Iron City beer will be available at Joyce Barnett Pearl's home and desserts and coffee at Judy Feldstein Smalley's home. See invitation for addresses. Joyce and Judy would appreciate an RSVP. .. Joyce can be reached at 412-421-4668, and Judy at 412-687-6662.

Please check the MISSING CLASSMATE PAGE. It's not too late to contact either Bette or Esther if you have an idea where a missing classmate might live. Even just the city can be a needed clue. They will follow up any leads that you provide.

Childhood pictures are a special feature of this reunion. Joyce has already enlarge and laminated pictures of her Colfax School home room class of 1946 and 1949. Pictures may be brought to the reunion party where they will be displayed or sent in advance to : Rita Weinstein Seltman at 307 S. Dithridge St. #403, Pittsburgh, PA 15213.

One last note: if you are not able to attend the reunion, but want to see how gracefully classmates have or have not aged, a CD or candid pictures and a class photo will be available for your perusing pleasure or fright. The complete package, as noted on the invitation is $25 which includes p/h. See invite for details.

We're all looking forward to seeing you. Please be there.

Esther and Joyce