In Memoriam
Missing Classmates

The Nostalgic Forward

June, 2003

Dear Classmate,

We will be putting out a monthly newsletter, but so that we don't bore those who are not interested, this and possibly one right before the reunion are the only two you will receive via email. This and future monthly newsletters will be put onto our website: Class of '56 Celebrates 65 or which we hope you will visit often and also sign the guest book while you're there.

We've heard from a number of you, and it's wonderful that you have accepted the electronic age...whether you were dragged kicking and screaming into it or not (we know a few who were of the former, but they're here). If you have not already logged onto our website, please do. You'll find a menu which gives you all the information you need about the reunion, email addresses of classmates, and picture pages we will continue to add to. Hopefully, you will check the website often for new information and pictures.

We'd like to invite you to send your pictures in, also. Please send to yours truly (, and I will scan them to the webmaster.

A very important part of the website is the MISSING PEOPLE page. Please check it to see if anyone you might know the whereabouts of is on it. If so, for the January class, and students without pictures, please email Esther or Judy Feldstein Smalley, and for June missing persons..please email Bette Nadel Balk.

Should you think of anything that is not listed on the website, that you feel should be, please email me with your suggestions.

The committee has suggested that I leave you with the following important trivia: Taylor Allderdice is one of the largest of the Pittsburgh Public Schools' ten traditional urban high schools. The junior high is long gone from the building, but Allderdice boasts an enrollment of approximately 1,730 students, but we've lost our neighborhood closeness as students are now bussed in from nine diverse communities. It is still the plum city school; in recent years its graduates have enrolled in over 80 four-year colleges and universities as well as thirteen two-year technical/trade/business schools

Again, we on the committee look forward to welcoming you in October to our collective 65th birthday party.

Again, please check the website for emails of your friends and for our emails in case you need to contact a member of the committee.


Esther Latterman Schwartz